Charm Mania Hack Tool and Cheats

Ready for an epic adventure of magic and mischief? Here comes CHARM MANIA, the latest and newest match-3 game that's equal parts addictive, challenging and fun! Switch and match the collectable charms on your journey throuth this magic world. Join the magic fairy to fend off the wicked witch who threatens to spoil the wonderland …

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Davey’s Mystery Hack Tool and Cheats

Out of the blue a man unknown to you has left you his entire secluded estate. Having nothing but a key and your curiosity you set out to investigate the home of this man named Davey. In the format of classic point and click adventures, Davey’s Mystery offers an environment to investigate, devices to interactive …

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Mahjong II Hack Tool and Cheats

Remove all tiles from the tower, again! All-new towers in this sequel to our Mahjong game! Your goal is to match and remove all tile pieces from the tower. Enjoy three game modes – Classic, Time Attack and Challenge. • Classic game mode: play as long as you want!• Time Attack mode: play against time!• …

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Puzzle Zoo Hack Tool and Cheats

Fun in the zoo with various animals (Elephant, Tiger, Giraffe, Meerkat, Leopard, Turtle, Ape)Puzzle/Jigsaw with various animals pictures and realistic jigsawtiles. Various resolutions. Highscore lists. Load / save game. Different resolutions (4×3, 8×6, 12×8)Various motives/picturesMoveable backgroundHighscores Save or load a gameSnap tiles on GridModes: Relaxation / Time Trial

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Scary Escape Hack Tool and Cheats

Can You Escape – Holidays – Out Now! Welcome to the world of nightmares! Scary Escape is a place where all your worst dreams become real. You are trapped in your dreams and you’ll have to escape by overcoming your fears, finding clues and hidden objects, breaking the codes and solving tons of innovative puzzles. …

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Hidden Objects : Market Mania Hack Tool and Cheats

A disaster has invaded the supermarket! Aisle after Aisle has been contaminated with disorder and chaos! Help us put everything back into order and find the missing objects! It's time to test your observation skills! How keen is your eye?! Come challenge yourself right here and NOW! This Incredible Game Features: A VARIETY OF HIDDEN …

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Spotlight: Room Escape Hack Tool and Cheats

Our hero finds himself in a strange place and he must escape . He can't remember who he is but one this is certain, he needs to escape the room alive! Only the smartest shall prevail and survive. The question now is, can you pass the room and escape? Combine different items within the game …

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Escape From Work Hack Tool and Cheats

Can You Escape – Holidays – Out Now! Do you have problems defining your ideal profession? Welcome to a special program willing to help you to find a perfect job for yourself! Enter the secret house with 15 different rooms and put yourself to the epic test and see if you are able to escape …

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Create a Ride Cool Car Hack Tool and Cheats

The car customization options are endless in this game? Select a car to start with using the arrows at the bottom left. Next, change the parts on the car using arrow buttons in the toolbar on the right. Stickers are added by clicking "Open Stickers Panel" and then dragging a sticker onto the car. There …

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Color Flood Hack Tool and Cheats

Color Flood is a fun addictive brain and puzzle game. The objective of this game is to flood fill the entire board with one color. ★★★★★ Best of its kind Nice interface and pleasant colors. An addictive game.★★★★★ Lightweight, beautiful look and very intelligent. I recommend.★★★★★ Very good the whole family is playing BEWARE: This …

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